Loma Lozán 01/06/2023

Loma Lozán is a 13835 foot pile of rocks on the northwestern slope of Chimborazo. We were staying at the Chimborazo Rey which is a small restaurant and lodge located along the highway that traverses the north side of the massive volcano. We had made the long drive from Machachi and arrived around 4:15pm. Our plan was to eat dinner, get to bed early, and then start our summit attempt on Chimborazo later that night. While we were waiting for dinner, Marcus, Garret, and I noticed Loma Lozán nearby on the Peakbagger map so decided to climb it really quick. We began hiking at 4:28pm from 13730 feet above sea level.

We approached the small peak on a faint dirt road and then climbed directly up the northeast side of it.

We quickly reached the summit at 4:37pm at 0.5 mile. There were 2 boulders of similar height, so we climbed both.

Unfortunately, there were no views of Chimborazo due to cloud cover. We returned the way we came and reached the lodge again at 4:49pm. Stats for this hike were 1 mile, 190 feet elevation gain, and 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, this would be the final “peak” we would climb on our 2 week trip to Ecuador. Dangerous snow conditions on Chimborazo would cancel our attempt that night, and we flew out the following day.

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