Government Peak and Rand Benchmark 02/05/2023

Government Peak (4741 ft) and Rand Benchmark (4737 ft) are a pair of summits just off US-395 near the little town of Red Mountain. Government Peak has over 1000 feet of prominence and both peaks are included in Zdon’s book. I was on my way from climbing Manly and Needle in Death Valley and had some extra time. These aren’t the most exciting peaks in the world, but they were a quick detour off the highway and would be an easy hike for my tired legs. From US-395, I went southwest on Osdick Road, then southwest on Randsburg Mojave Road, then west on BLM Road R20, then northwest on a dirt road heading towards the peaks. I parked at an intersection right in the middle of the 2 peaks. The roads up to this point was in good shape and passable for most cars. I began hiking at 1:59pm from 4505 feet above sea level.

I went north first towards Government Peak. Its summit is unfortunately decorated with communication towers.

I followed the dirt road for a short way and then cut directly up the sandy slope on a narrow path. I crossed the road a few times and then reached the summit area. I found the highest point to be a pile of rocks on the far side. I was on the summit at 2:11pm at 0.5 mile. Owens Peak to the northwest:

Telescope Peak to the northeast:

Red Mountain to the west:

I descended the same way I came up and hiked back to the car. From there, I hiked southwest towards Rand, which also has comm towers on the summit. Again, I cut directly towards the peak on a dirt path rather than stay on the road.

I reached the summit at 2:40pm at 1.6 miles. The wind was crazy, so I didn’t stay long. I then hiked back to the car, which I reached at 3:03pm. Stats for this hike were 2.22 miles, 623 feet elevation gain, and 1:04:32 total time.

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